How did you Choose your Pediatrician?

  • I’m lucky enough to live close to the pediatric practice that my parents took me and my sister to when we were kids. So when it came time to choose a pediatrician for my own children, I went to the place I knew best.

    But this isn’t the case for everyone, especially first-time parents and families that have recently moved. How did you find your pediatrician? What do you look for in a good practice?

  • Speak with other moms in your area and find out who their child/children go to and what they think of that doctor.

  • I watched our pediatrician exam newborns in the nursery when I was working. He examined each baby as if it were his own. He is a strong believer in God and even prays for his patients. I've never regretted choosing him. He gave me his cell number and gets mad if I don't call when I need him (even if he isn't on call). When we had to stay at the hospital, he called our room to make sure everything was okay instead of just getting it from the nurses.

  • The town I lived in only had one pediatrics office, but about 6 doctors to choose from.  With my daughter we went to the doctor that had been on call after she was delivered.  He was a great doctor, very friendly.  However, he has since left that practice.  I had to choose a new doctor for my daughter, so I chose the one that was MY doctor when I was growing up.  He is a good doctor and very friendly as well, just a bit older and sometimes more opinionated.  My daughter went in for a series of shots a couple of months ago and he gave her a handful of stickers and a pinwheel for doing such a great job!  It's things like that that make it worth the hour long wait before we can see him.  Of course my son will have the same doctor once he is born.

    If this doctor retires anytime soon then I will have to ask around to find out about the other doctors within this practice or maybe even some in a nearby town.  We have seen some of the others during the occassional sick visit, but not enough to really judge how good they are.  It just seems like everytime we pick out a doctor (for me or daughter) they either retire, move, or just quit practicingSad

  • We have a lot of new parents at our church so I asked around and just about everyone there recommended the same place. When I first met the doc I immediately liked his relaxed attitude (especially after the schedule-obsessed nurses in the hospital!). He takes his time with my daughter and takes as much time as I want to answer questions without glancing at his watch or the door.

  • I love doctors who give you time to ask questions! Smile

  • I asked mother's that I worked with.   The Pediatric office I take my daughter to has about 5 doctors and 1 PA and so far all the ones my daughter has seen have been really nice.  The best thing about there office is it is open 1/2 a day on Sat. & Sun. in case you have a weekend sickness.

  • It's interesting because my wife and I have a dilemma. We have six doctors at our pediatrician office, yet we only really like two of them. We chose the practice because we met one doctor at the hospital and thought she was great. She was young and an expectant mother, and we felt we could really relate to her. However, when she went on maternity leave we were paired up with some of the other doctors, and only one of them appeal to us.

    Our biggest problem is that some pediatricians at the practice get somewhat defensive or impatient when we ask questions and I feel this is unacceptable. We are not talking about a car or a house with the doctor, we are talking about the most precious things we will ever own. My advice is that doctors should listen to your questions no matter how ridiculous or redundant they seem. There is never a bad question when it comes to your child's well being, and if your doctor can't understand that, you have the wrong doctor.

    For now we are sticking to our practice but our patience is getting thin. If we have to go to another doctor, I am going to let it be known up front that we feel the need to ask questions to have peace of mind that we are doping the right things as parents.

  • Good for you AnswerDad! I have the same issue with my practice. I don't bring my kids to the doctors that I saw when I was growing up anymore. They were too brusque, opinionated, and almost condescending when my oldest daughter was a baby. Through trial and error, I found three doctors in the practice that I like very much and will only take my kids to see them. When I call for an appointment, I ask specifically who is working where and when (they have three offices) and choose the appointment based on that. I don't feel bad at all for favoring certain doctors in the practice. It's my kids' health and emotional well-being at stake. 

  • While my boys were in the NICU they were seen by lots and lots of doctors and luckily one of them had a practice on a different floor of the hospital. So I decided to take them to her since she was familiar with them and the care they required. I love that there doctor is a girl. It just makes me feel so relaxed and she is a mother and knows exactly what its like and even answers some of my questions from her own experiences. Even the way she handles them and talks to them, its amazing! I have no doubts in this woman. I trust her to make all the right decisions and choices for my boys. The only thing I can say is, if you are not comfortable with the doctor, keep looking until you are. You are trusting these people with your childs health.

  • I asked my obgyn's wife which doctor they used for there kids I have taken my kids there ever since and even with the new baby 3 of the docs saw her in the hosptil (cause they rotate the on call days) and they stoped to say hello to me... there are 5 docs in the practice and me and my husband and kids like them all.. also some of the nurses who work there are moms of the kids that my other two kids go to school with so it worked out well. 8 years i have been going there. when i first moved here 10 years ago I did not like my kids doc so when I got preg with my second that is when we changed and now the new one is there too. good luck

  • For my first I took , him to my previous Pediatrician, he is a good doc, but his staff was unprofessional, so I pulled him out. Remember you have to deal not only with the doc, but his staff, also, and if they make it unpleasant you don't want to go there.

    I work in a Pediatric office, so I knew who I wanted at my work place. Alot of hospitals are teaching hospitals, which means you see a resident and Attending physician. So if you are comfortable about seeing differant doctors all the time and don't mind long waits, then that would be the way to go. Also when you call the office to ask if they are accepting new patients with your insurance. Ask the receptionist if they would recommend that practice, and who is the best.Majority of the time they are honest.Also ask if they have all vaccines, hours of operation for sick and walk-in, and especially if they have seperate waiting rooms for their sick children    Good Luck!

  • We just moved, so I am starting all over again. There is really no choice of offices here. There is one BIG office with tons of doctors. I asked today which one was most holistic and open minded and they were like "Uhhh....we don't know." I will meet one of them soon and I hope it goes well. The good news is they are open 365 days a year!

  • My pediatrician was recommended to me by a friend. But just to be sure she was the one I wanted, I called and asked if I could set up an appointment to meet with her before the baby was born. When I met with her, I asked her a few questions about her practice and her beliefs as a doctor. I wanted to know where she stood on medicating children and the overuse of antibiotics. By talking with her for those 15-20 minutes I also got a good feeling about how easy it would be to discuss problems with her once the baby came.

    I have never regretted my want to find a pediatrician that you can talk to and voice concerns to. One that doesn't make you feel like a "Crazy new mom" and one that will talk to you and ease your fears no matter how busy they are.