New mom with baby #2

  • ok so i had my baby isla i had her a few days ago i just got home last nite in im not even sleepy im so happy to have my to lil girls here with me like this is the best feeling ever to see your babies in they look in your eyes i would not change this feeling for nothing in the world i just feel like crying everytime i look at the in to sayi did it 

  • I'm so happy for you and your new little girl. It is a such a wonderful time...try to take it all in and cherish it! Let us know how she continues to do...but she looks beautiful!


  • Jadielboo -

    What a wonderful post, so full of love and excitement.  I think that you are experiencing one of the most powerful experiences of love and pride that we experience in a lifetime.  I am so glad that you can stop and see this.



  • Congrats Mommy!! I just had a lil boy on Feb 9... She is so beautiful and LOOK AT THE HAIR!!! (Let me guess--heart burn city?) I know I had heartburn so bad with my son but he has just as much hair as she does... You have a beautiful lil girl and Congrats again!! your life will never be the same again!!

  • Love your emotions and feelings you described. :-) A mother's love is the best thing you can ever experience!! I'm glad for you and your little girl - enjoy each moment. :-)