Boiling bottles/nipples

  • I have a 2 mo old. Is it necessary to boil bottles and nipples after every feeding?

  • It is important to thoroughly clean the bottles/nipples between each use. Running them through the dishwasher is sufficient and the heat will help clean the nipples/bottles well. Remember to take apart each nipple and ring for washing. You can buy dishwasher baskets to hold all the little pieces so they don't go everywhere. Hope this helps!

  • I have to sterilize my bottles, nipples, pacifiers, everything because my baby has thrush. Otherwise, it wouldn't be necessary. I don't have a dishwasher, but they have this sterilizer for the microwave that I bought at Target. If you wanted to sterilize things, and you didn't have a dishwasher you could do it this way. Washing them in warm soapy water thoroughly is good enough though.

  • I support what the other two have posted.  Good soapy water will do the trick!