Baby is 5 months today!

  • Wow, i cant believe how fast the time went by!!! its crazy! almost half a year since i gave birth to him!!!! Love him so much, my baby boy! :) :)

  • Happy 5/12 birthday to your little one!  That's a wonderful milestone.  :) 

    I went to a friends daughters 1st birthday party today.  At the party was another friend who has a 2 month old.  I was struck by how much growth takes place in just one year!  Going from a sleeping/eating/smiling then back to sleep little one to an adorable cake eating, stair climbing, chattering 12 month old-WOW! 

    What are some of the milestones that you see your little one reach as he enters this new month of life?


  • well, he can see from a good distance, and he knows when mommy is around. he rolls over with ease, but i can see he wants to crawl already! and he puts everything in his mouth, and i think he is goin to be left handed. he wants to eat what we eat lol but i dont let him yet


  • Sounds like you have an active and happy little boy. :-) It's amazing how fast time goes once you have children! It seems to absolutely fly! My son, too, may be left handed. He is 2 1/2 and does things equally with both hands...drawing, eating, etc. Some days he uses his right and others his left. Who knows which one he will settle on?? :-)