sleeps all day up at night.

  • 12 days old sleeping all day. Awake time is a night and early morning 4 and 5 for about 3to 4 hours, any hints on how to change this.

  • Unfortunately at this young of an age, it could be awhile before your baby begins to realize that people are active during the day and sleepy at night. Some babies sleep through the night after only a few weeks, but some may take 3-4 months. Try not to get too frustrated and if you have the opportunity, sleep when your baby sleeps. At 12 days, baby needs to sleep as much as possible, so there's not much more you can do at this point but wait.

  • I was in that exact same boat when we brought my daughter home. I tried everything to keep her up more during the day, especially toward the evening, so that she would be tired at night. We did this for about 5 weeks or so and what finally helped me is one of the moms on one of the threads mentioned that when your baby is up at night you should avoid turning on the lights because it will further confuse the baby on when to sleep (this will help them establish a routine of night time means sleep time). Most babies sleep during the day time at first, my theory is that when they are in the womb they are rocked to sleep by your movements during this time of day, and at night you are more relaxed allowing the baby to wake up. Anyway another mom mentioned on another thread that when you put your baby down to hold your hand on the babies chest for comfort for a few minutes and then quietly walk away. I added in my own step and now our routine of getting to sleep consists of a diaper change, a bottle, then rocking my little girl to sleep with her binkey while standing (for her this is very important because she wakes up when you move from the sit to stand position and then I have to start all over). When her binkey falls out of her mouth I lay her down, and if she starts to wake up I put her binkey back into her mouth and hold my hand on her chest until she's almost asleep then walk away. I always start with the lights out and regardless of what she's doing I don't turn bright lights on so she doesn't start to think it's day time. Within a week she was sleeping through the night (which is about 5 1/2 hours). I've heard that starting with a bath and a story helps also, however our pediatrician only wants her to have a bath a couple times a week until she's older. maybe some of these things will help you as well. Good luck with getting your little one off to bed!

  • Just try to be consistent and keep the stimulation low between the hours that you want your baby to sleep. In a few weeks, things should start to get better. Keep the room dark during night time and during nap time and then let your baby in a lit room during the times of the day you want her to be awake!

  • Thank you.

  • You've gotten some great advice from everyone - just wanted to add how normal this is. A young baby will have it's internal clock backwards for a while. It's a natural part of newborn behavior. Just keep following the other posters' advice and eventually things will turn around for you.