Young moms in phoenix?

  • Hi, im new to this page. Let me know if your from phx. Im 19 going on 20, i love my daughter so much, She is only going on 8 months & such a drama queen already .

  • MommieKitty-

    I am not in Arizona, Sad where I live it rains 340 days a year!  However, I wanted to welcome you to the community.  I think you will find a lot of other mom's that are loving being mom's, as well as some soon to be and new mom's that would love to get advice from you!  Take a look around and speak up if you have questions.


  • Definitely not all that "young" anymore, haha...I'm almost 28 (30 is just around the corner D:)...we just had our first daughter on april 10th and she's just the cutest little thing I've ever seen <3.  We also live in the Phoenix area, just moved here in September and know hardly anyone!

  • Welcome..! Congrats on your baby, they grow up so fast...!! I also live in Az and im 21 years old only difference is i have 5 month old twins...!!! Hard but im enjoying every moment and i love watching them grow..!!

  • I am a young mom as well. Only 18 and have a 13month old baby boy and a newborn baby boy on the way(:Big Smile