Baby sleep habits

  • So my little girl just turned 4 months old. She is not sleeping thru the night just yet. She has slept thru the night on two different occasions but now she seems to be waking up.  Its wierd she sleeps so sound in her swing verse her bed. Any advice on a good sleep technique.

  • It's pretty typical for babies to have varied sleep patterns for quite a while - at least the first 6 months of their life. It's hard on parents but this is naturally their biological clock. The best thing you can do to ensure good sleep habits is to set a good routine that you follow each evening. Keep the lights down and keep talking to a soft tone in the last hour before bed. Some suggestions include a warm bath, bedtime books and a final feeding before rocking the baby and laying her down. If your baby begins to recognize this as "time to sleep", you may get some peaceful nights. Just hang in there and she will mature and grow eventually to sleep through the night.

  • I agree..many babies don't sleep through the night routinely until well after 6 months. Just keep being consistent and she'll eventually get the idea. As she gets bigger, she will be able to sleep longer in between feedings. Good luck!

  • ok. here is my question. my daughter is 5 weeks old and sleeps through the night already. but how long should she sleep . should i wake her after sleeping 8 hours or just let her sleep.

  • The most important thing for babies that young is to make sure they getting an adequate amount of feedings and gaining weight appropriately. Discuss with your pediatrician how many diapers a day she should be having and how her weight gain is going. If she is putting out enough diapers and growing well, there usually isn't any reason to wake a baby from their night time sleep. Hope this helps!

  • My son is five weeks old and sleeps through the night, he has for three weeks. We have been waking him up every three hours to eat (and also on demand feeding of course) and it has helped keep him up. He now wakes up most of the day and stays up happily, he hangs out in his carrier or bouncer a lot of the day, we go on walks and spend a lot of the day outdoors since he loves it.


    But for the question of if you should wake her up,. I let my son sleep but know that when he wakes up he will usually eat 2 oz more than he normally would. If she is hungry, she will wake you up and let you know.


    Just my opinion :)

  • My little girl is very prompt to let me know if she is hungry... Even when sleeping. I agree that if the baby is hungry usually he or she will wake up and start to cry. I also agree that it would be best to talk to your babys doctor to make sure that you're feeding enough during the day. 

  • LivnLily-

    I just wanted to check and see how you and baby are doing.  It's been awhile since you posted, so I'm just checking in.


  • I notice when i swaddle my 11 week old son he sleeps best! He would sleep best in his swing too and as soon as I put him in his bassinet he would swing his arms and wake himself up :( We are going on three weeks of full night sleeps and I believe its because he isnt waking himself up :) also I give him a bath every night switching off every other night using soap so his skin doesnt dry out. He is getting into a great routine and everyone seems happy! good luck with your little one!!

  • Sleep is such a huge topic on the boards that I almost wish we had an entire forum on sleep!  Many parents have given wonderful advice here.  Points that I think are really important:

    -Baby is gaining and growing as he/she should, following that growth grid right up in a healthy way.

    -Baby is sleeping well and waking when hungry, then sleeping when full.

    -Baby is developing ways of comforting him/herself back to sleep when time-bundling, binkis, special blankets are just a few of these mechanisms for coping.


    Great advice everyone!


  • My baby boy is 8 months old almost 9 and he still wont sleep thru the night. He will wake up around 1 and around 5. But the only thing he wants is the bottle. Before i would prepare the bottle but he would just drink an ounce and get back to sleep. what im doing now is that i give him water and he will fall back to sleep. But he still wakes up two three times at night. sorry my english is not perfect im a spanish speaking mom!!

  • Yessgom.. I think your English is really good. Much better than some English speaking people i know... You're headed down the correct path and good for you!... and now for the other matter. Do you have a bed time routine that you follow with your little boy? perhaps a bath then a bottle. Maybe make the before bed time bottle a little warmer but not hot since warm milk tends to induce sleepiness. Is he staying up well during the day? or is he sleeping  a lot during the day too? If he's getting too much daytime sleep then it may cause him not to sleep as well at night. He also may just be waking himself up. My little girl sleeps through the night on most occasions, but every once in a while she'll have a dream and start kicking herself awake. I usually wait about 5 minutes and if she's not asleep in that time i just go in and give her her passie and leave. Not really sure what will work with your baby, but he's going to need to learn how to get himself back to sleep without that night time bottle. I've been helping my daughter form an attachment to a security blanket so that when it comes time to wean her from her bottle or passie i can try a trade. maybe that will work for him too. I hope you can get this figured out.

  • Yessgom - it's a hard dilemma when your little one wakes up for bottles. It sounds like he is not truly hungry if he is only taking a tiny bit and then going to back to sleep. It sounds like more of a comfort behavior. I'd encourage you to try going into his room and giving him a kiss, tuck him into bed, and leave. If he cries for more than 5 - 10 minutes or so, go back in and do the same thing. Eventually he will realize he isn't getting that bottle and hopefully stop waking up for it. It's not really easy to do and it wears on you to hear him crying but in the long run your little guy will do better to be able to soothe himself and sleep through the night. Hang in there!

  • Great advice from PedsNurseJulie!  I totally agree-see if your baby is needing comfort or if he/she is hungry.  Adults still get these two things (hunger vs needing comfort) confused and just think of the gift you are giving your baby if you help baby learn to self sooth in a way other than food.  That being said there are nights that we all wake at 2am needing a bowl of cereal to get through the night...but try to figure out just what it is that baby really needs.