New Teen Mom with no mother of her own to help..

  • Hi

           My name is Deja, I am a young mother have no real experience with new babies. My son is only 7 months and I love every moment with him. There are still so much I need to learn and yes I do have my son's doctor but I would like to have another mother of a new born give me some advise.. And someone that can relate to me with what I am going through.

  • hi deja, welcome to strong moms, you know, it is hard to be a mom. i have two childs (4 years old boy and a 3 weeks baby girl). anything you need i will try to help you, sometimes i need somee advice too. we could be good friends. congratulations for your baby!!! how old are you? im 22.

  • Prissy and Deja-I am so glad that the two of you found one another!  It sounds like you will be able to support one another.  I think that you will find others here as well that will join in your newly formed support network.  What have you found the most rewarding about being new moms so far?  -Jess

  • Congratulations ladies! Strong Moms is a great place to seek advice and I am sure you will be able to help each other. Many other caring parents are in the Strong Moms community and hopefully they can help. Good luck!

  • Welcome to StrongMoms! Glad you found us here and I would LOVE to answer any questions your have about your little guy. What in particular are you concerned or wondering about? Looking forward to getting to know you!