new mom

  • Hi Im a new mom :) and my baby is one month and two weeks.  Im new to Similac and i wanted to share my experience and for moms to share their experience  of their baby  that is about the age of me. Thanks

  • hello friend, welcome to srtong moms at Similac. congratulation for your new baby, you know, i have a baby too and she is 1 month exactly, it a baby girl, she was born on april 13. i think you are going to find many friends to share good experiences.

  • Erik1 - glad you found us here! Your little one is approaching a great age. Has he/she started to coo and smile at all? It's so fun when they start interacting with you a bit. Do you have a boy or girl? Looking forward to getting to know you better. :-) 

  • Welcome to Strong Moms! There a plenty of moms out there who can help and encourage you along the way. Do you have a little boy or a little girl?