Anxiety creeping back!

  • After being induced due to pre-eclampsia and then having a csection 2 days later, I experienced significant anxiety. I am taking antidepressant since before my delivery due to history of depression. I was doing better for few weeks but I think being home alone most of the time (since I'm used to working) but also the stress of returning to work is hitting me. I have family support but don't really have many friends because I was always so focused on work and have changed jobs several times. Any suggestions for dealing?

  • shavonnejot-

    Wow, You are going through a lot of changes, and I think the start to coping is to just acknowledge how much change you have had and how hard this can be.  Another aspect is that of having a bit of a rough delivery, then transitioning between work, no work and work.  It's a lot.

    You mentioned that you have struggled with depression in the past.  Are there things that were helpful in overcoming that before?  We often do not have to "reinvent the wheel", but can draw upon things that helped us in the past when dealing with current struggles.

    Did you ever see a therapist?  Was there a book or books that were helpful?  Calling a family member or friend?  Taking extra good care of yourself-sleeping enough (hard with new baby), eating right, exercise (gosh-all hard with new baby!).

    Think back about what helped you before and see if you can apply any of those things now.  Also be sure to return here if we can support or help in anyway!


  • JessBaby had some great suggestions. One thing that I think helps tremendously is to be with other mothers and not feel so isolated and alone at home. Perhaps you could call your OB or talk to your pediatrician to see if they know of any mommy support groups. Often times hospitals have one for new moms. It's great to be able to get out and know that your struggles and things that are hard for you are not unique to just your situation. Finding out how other people deal with the things life throws at them can build some great friendships. I hope you find something! 

  • It's been a few days since your post so I just wanted to check in with you and see how you are doing.  Would love an update when you have time!


  • Yes, I was wondering the same thing--how are you doing? Did you find something to help with your anxiety? Just make sure you are talking to your OBGYN and getting the help you need!