Photo ideas for 6mths, 9mths, and one year

  • My daughter will be six months old in three weeks. I have scheduled her a six month photo shoot and I need some ideas! She doesn't sit independently yet and doesn't crawl. She is a very happy smiley little girl who loves being outside. She hasn't expressed an interest in very many things as she is in the exploration stage as we call it. Any help would be appreciated.


    If you have ideas for 9mths and 1 year I would love to read those too, as they are just around the corner! They really do grow up to fast...

  • My Daughter just turned 6 months as well... Photography is something that i do and for babies i have learned that the more simple you go the better.. you want to showcase the baby and accent with a few cute or pretty or interesting things.... If i can find some pretty flower beds in this drought i am going to sit my daughter down in the middle of it and see what she gives me to work with. That's another thing with babies.. you have to go with the flow. use what they give you to work with. I promise you will always get something good out of your session if you just go with the flow and make the baby happy. For example i was doing some test shots today with my little girl and she got hungry. So i popped a similac bottle in her hands (making sure the label is faced out) and started shooting... The best advice i can give is pick out a couple of her favorite toys and some outfits that will match them. This is a good idea because if she needs a comfort toy during the session you have one that will fit in and can be used in the shots. for supported sitters buckets, pails, baskets, chairs, boppy pillows, baby on belly... All good ideas for supported sitters. I'll post a few of my daughters 3 month photos for you to see.

  • I saw the cutest picture one day of a 6 month old who didn't sit independently very well. Her parents put her in a bathing suit and hat and put her in a large galvanized tub, so it looked like she was playing in a little pool. It was adorable. Try to think of things she can sit in...those are always cute. We took a picture of my daughter sitting in a small rocking chair once and that came out cute. Look online too for some good ideas!

  • Something like sitting in a basket would be cute. Or a board in the back that says, "Six months" with cute designs  and colors.

  • Our best photo sessions were the days prior to crawling and walking because they stay put! :-) I took my boppy pillow and threw a blanket over it. My son was propped up on his tummy/elbows on it and got some great shots. We also did some cute bath time shots where he was in a tub but propped up inside by towels that you couldn't see. You can also shoot your child in a basket with the same kind of thing - blankets inside where people can't see them to prop her up.

    Our one year pictures were a ton of fun because we took pictures of him eating a big birthday cupcake with a party hat and tie on - he made a mess and had a blast. He also sat there holding the "O" while the letters "N" and "E" were on the ground next to him to spell ONE. Hope this gives you a few ideas!

  • Thanks everyone for the tips. I will see how the pictures go when we shoot them Friday. Thanks for the ideas!

  • Let the baby wear an angel costume is also pretty nice.