First time mom!

  • My name is Eden and my husband and I just had our first child. She is a girl and is almost four months old. She wakes up in the night about three or four times to eat and I barely get any sleep. Just wondering if there is anything I can do to cut down the number of times she wants to eat in the night so I can get a lil more sleep. I love taking care of my daughter but it's hard to want to play with her during the day when I am so tired all the time. Also curious about why she doesn't like being on her tummy for very long. After a couple minutes she starts crying and I don't know if that's good or bad. And lastly she drools an awful lot for a baby that's not this normal?

  • Hi Eden,

    It sounds like you may be new to strongmom's as well as motherhood so I wanted to welcome you and then tell you congrats on being a new mom.  It sounds like you have an active and healthy little one that is keeping you quite busy!  Let's see if I can help with your questions. :)

    -In regarding to waking at night to eat, she is still pretty little.  Her only job right now is to gain weight and grow...which means that yes, if she is waking to eat she needs to eat.  I can't imagine how tired you must be!  I am hoping that one of our other new mom's might have some advice for you.  One thing that I have seen help is that when baby is asleep make it mom's first priority to sleep.  If you are trying to meet all of her needs and be up and doing things between you are very likely waring out.  

    -In regard to drool-so long as she can swallow ok, and it's just drool then it's ok.  Some babies do start working on teeth younger than others-some as young as your baby.  However, there are a lot of babies that just drool a lot.  Some parents keep cute bibs on these kiddos 24 hours a day to deal with the drool.  One thing you want to make sure of is that if she has chin folds that they are staying relatively dry and the skin isn't breaking down.  If needed a bit of barrier cream can help protect that skin as well.

    -I think your last question was about tummy time. Many babies aren't huge fans of tummy time and what I usually advise is to do it for very short periods, but more frequently to make up for the shorter duration.  Try to have it be a time when you are interacting with her-talking with her or singing and then have it be over and move on.  Then try a bit more later in the day.  

    Hope that gets you started with your questions.  Again, welcome to the boards, so glad you found us!

    :) Jess

  • Congratulations on your first child....At 4 months old, she should be going a longer time at night to sleep. Does she take a pacifier? Many babies wake up at night but just want to suck on something to go back to sleep. Try giving her a pacifier and swaddling her again and letting her go back to sleep. Also, make sure she is getting enough to eat during the daytime. If babies are not getting enough to eat during the day, then they will try to make up for it at night. See if she will take more during the day. Good luck and let us know how it goes. 

  • Congrats and welcome to Strong moms! Agreed with the post regarding eating...a paci should do the trick. Many babies don't like tummy time... give her tummy time but if it is making her upset, make her comfortable. Good luck!


  • I swaddle her lower half in a light wrap and give my 3 month old a pacifier. Also, I found that playing the white noise of being in the womb has made her sleep in longer stretches(i have it on a loop in a small cd player). She goes to bed at 10pm, only wakes up between 1am and 3:30 am for a 2oz bottle and back to sleep till morning.  She does take 6-8 oz before she goes to bed, too(she normally does 4oz at a feeding).  She pretty much has set this schedule for herself as far as feedings.  Mine only likes short stretches of tummy time but so long as she is getting her recommended 20 minutes a day(not sure if it varies by age), she should be fine and my little bug drools quite a bit at times, too.

  • Hi Eden-It's been awhile since you last posted and so I wanted to check in and se how you are doing.  Would love an update if your up to it!


  • We're doing much better now. She is sleeping from 7pm til around 4:30am. But 7 is a lil early for me to go to bed and that's way too early for me to be up in the morning. Any advise on how to put her down later? Also we've been trying to feed her baby food like the dr recommended, but she doesn't like a lot of the vegetable ones. She does like the fruits though. I mixed some cereal in with the vegetables and she still didn't seem very interested. Anyways thanks for checking in! And any advice would help.

  • Sounds like your sleep patterns are a lot better! Most babies do go to sleep fairly early and get up early...all I can suggest is feeding her and putting her back down when she gets up at 4:30. As for feeding, babies like the fruits often because they are sweet. Continue to just work on the veggies. She will like them eventually if you keep putting them in front of her. It can take a baby quite a few tries before she likes something. Don't give up!