First experience with snow

  • We finally had our first snowfall last night!!!... And i will definitely be taking Hazel out to see what she thinks of it. So far she loves all things outdoors, so hopefully the snow will be a big hit. She had a small taste of it last night when we went out to get a shovel. She was annoyed that it kept hitting her face and was trying to eat any flakes that came close to her mouth. Do you remember the first experience your children had with the snow?

  • Brinny-

    What a great post!  I live out in Seattle so we get rain, rain and more rain.  It occasionally snows here-but not to when it does there is major excitement with the kiddos!  I'm looking forward to hear what others have to share!


  • It wasn't my daughter's first experience with snow, but when she was about 3 years old, I dressed her up from head to toe so she could go outside to play in it with her older brother. I watched as she laid down to do a snow angel...then she just laid there and started thrashing about. I opened the door to tell her that she was messing up her angel and I heard her crying. When I asked her what was wrong--she said "I can't get up!!!" I guess I had dressed her so much she  couldn't move!!!! LOL!

  • My girls took to the snow right away. We go skiing with my in laws once a year and they haven't acclimated to winter sports just yet, but the love sledding and frolicking in the white stuff.

  • I remember a HUGE snow storm when I was in first grade - such an exciting time for me and I remember getting days off school from it and the whole family throwing snowballs, building forts, etc. My little man had his first snow when he was about 5 months old and was very unimpressed. :-) He is now super excited at 3 years old for a big snow - we haven't had one yet! 

  • ziva had her first experience around christmas and was not super impressed but the snow we just got she got to go out and throw a few snowballs with assistance and had a few thrown at her by me and she froze and gave me an evil look with the first one then laughed with the second one. i think it was because the first one was a little solid and the second one i just picked up a hand full of loose and tossed it.

  • What a fun story ZivasMommy.  Just love hear about how those babies experience their first winters!