Bath Time

  • What fun things do you do to make bath time special for your kids? I’m sometimes at a loss as to what to do other than throw a few toys in the tub. Any games or silly things you enjoy doing with your kids? --Julie, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • i call her my water bug. she has always loved baths. when she was little i use to put her in her baby bath and bathe her with a cup out of a bucket of water and when the soap was all gone off of her i would pick the bucket up and yell water bug flood and dump it on her and she would giggle and laugh. that happened up until she was about 5 mos old. now its wanna go swimming and she sits in the tub and plays with the bubbles cuz we make a bubble bath with her soap and she tells the bubbles bye bye when done or she sits between mine or my girlfriends legs and plays while we relax in the warm water and when we are done she plays for a few while we dry off and get dressed then we get her out.


    She loves it and soon we plan on getting her bath toys. so she loves bath time quite a bit and doesnt even really mind the shower head spraying on her but she hates being dunked.

  • Hazel loves bubble baths too, but she is fascinated with eating the bubbles; so she doesn't get them too often right now. Instead i have bath books and granimals slip resistant pads at the bottom of her tub. She likes to flip through the pages of the books and point out what's on the pages; she always hunts for the page with the star on it. She also likes to point out and  try to pry the slip resistant pads from the bottom of the tub and we learn what each animal is as she goes from one to the next. she LOVES to splash around. I'll stand next to the tub and say "splash splash splash" and she'll just go wild with her arms and legs moving as quick and hard as they can and make a huge water mess, but it's fun to watch her enjoy it. And finally when it's time to dry off i scoop her up in the towel and say "where's Hazel?" then i turn around to face the mirror and say "There she is!". At that point we spend a few minutes pointing into the mirror learning parts of Hazels face. And that is her bath time routine.

  • sounds like she loves it. today ziva suprised the heck outta me by crawling from the bedroom after playing for a bit in to the bathroom where i was going to the bathroom and stood up by the tub and smacked it like she wanted in. it was so cute but due to time constrants she hasnt gotten in yet and the only bath stuff we have for her is her bed time bath so she will be getting one in a few hrs.

  • So cute - great ideas! I forgot all about those soft cover books for bath time. I'll have to find a few of those. Love the water bug game too. :-) So cute that she is asking for baths! 

  • With our three little ones, the question is whether to bathe them separately or all together. On the occasions when my wife is brave enough to do three at once, I will give a doorway performance complete with silly hats and music. The performance is really embarrassing... but serves as a great distraction so I can then start extracting them at the end. Anything that works!

  • Oh in my house there are definitely more children in the tub at one time. Now that my daughter is getting a bit older, she usually takes baths by herself. Otherwise, I throw 2 or 3 in the tub and get it done quickly!!! Sometimes I let them stay in there and play, but usually there ends up being such a water mess on the floor it is almost not worth it!

  • yep she is funny like that and the other night i put her in the bathtub and laid her on her back so she could kick and work her leg muscles and just sat and watched her and the next thing i knew she had rolled over to her tummy crawled up to her knees and tried to stand at the edge of the tub saying she was ready to get out. it was so cute.


    that plus we found something that said that if you encourage them to sit up by themselves with no help around age 4 - 5 months that they will develop and meet milestones faster than another baby that dont do that. im so proud of her and glad to know i was doing something right with my boyfriend and girlfriend to encourage a smart girl and development faster.

  • So far, thanks God that I don't have any problem with Bath time with my baby. She loves water, she had her own cup also. We often spend a little longer in taking a bath because she still want to play with water. Unlike our neighbor here when it comes to bath time they always had an argue with the little boy because the little boy doesn't like to take a bath. So what the mommy did, she put a toy beside the little boy and told the baby boy to bath the toy until such time that the little boy ask her mom to bath him together with the toys.

  • Remylim-I love the toy idea to make battime fun, not just for the child but also for mom and dad!  Great suggestion.  I can relate to not wanting to take baths, but that is because as a child I had really long thick hair and the idea of having to have it all brushed out after taking a bath-nightmare!  It might help to do a bit of investigation and see what it is that baby doesn't love about the bath.  Try things a bit differentently for awhile and see if the change helps.  Keep us posted on how things are going, we are here to cheer you on and offer support and guidance,

    Take care, Jess

  • Yes, because babies love to play toys. By means of having  toys on the bath area they can enjoy.