Do I have bad timeing or what?

  • Every time I change my daughter diaper shes pees or poops right when I start wiping her with baby wipes.. Then if I put her on her tummy on my chest she throws up.. Any advice????????? and is there a certain reason why she does?

  • My guess is that you are referring to a very small baby. With young infants you cannot win. I swear I went through 4 diapers a change with my daughter. The stimulation seemed to always make her poop or pee again. With spitting up be sure that her diaper is loose and that you keep her upright for 30-60 minutes after feedings. Also be sure to burp her well. As with all things baby related, this too shall pass. Big Smile

  • I agree with BabyNurse, though it does get better. With my girls, around six months or so was when I didn't have to worry so much about them peeing all over the changing table (or me!). To get around this, I made sure that that clean diaper was right underneath her bottom before taking the dirty one off. That way, all I had to do was lift up her bottom, wipe, fold up the messy diaper and put her bottom back down on a clean one. If she messes on the way, at least the damage is relatively contained.

  • Honestly I think we got really lucky on this one. My girl seemed to fill one diaper at a time. Though she traded that off for "blow outs" as we call them. I'm sure you've all seen them. The kind of diaper where you're buying new clothes to replace the ones she was wearing with the daiper. Ick!

  • Haha. My daughter does that every once in a while.