Anxiety over going bck to work

  • I am a mother of 4months twin boys. I will be going back to work Ina couple of weeks. I am going thru some type of separation anxiety. One of my twins is very attached to me, my husband calls him "a mammals boy"  i found a sitter that was recommended to me, but its not the same obviously and I feel like pucking at the though of leaving my boys. I am a cop and I work 10 hrs shift, it's a long day.....

    i wish I could quit my job but because of the economy n twin boys cost aloooot of money, I can't. I also want to be able to take my boys out with my own money. I know I must go back,it's very hard and I am having sooo much anxiety that I do not eat well throughout the day and of course I am lacking sleep....

  • Paulina-

    Oh gosh my heart aches for you and I think that we all would struggle to go back to work and leave those cuties at home.  I think it's really important that you acknowledge that this is hard, but at the same know that once you get through that first day it will just get easier.  I think you may find that you look forward to that time away from home bc the time at home is so much richer.  I often hear other moms say that they enjoy going to work and having that "adult" time.  So I think that you will find this to be a positive.  Change is hard no matter if it's good or rough change.  Hang in there and please do lean on us for support.

    Hugs to you,

  • I understand what you are going through and I know it is tough. First of all, let me say that this transition will be MUCH harder on you than it will be on your twins. The first time I left my son to go back to work I was a nervous wreck and anxious the entire time. I am a nurse, so I know all about long shifts! When I came home, he was sleeping peacefully and everything was fine. I relaxed a bit that day and every day afterwards until it wasn't bad anymore to leave. Just try not to get yourself worked up and too anxious because that can make you sick. Take a deep breath and know that you are doing the best for your boys by returning to work to take care of them. Give yourself plenty of time to adjust and don't be too hard on yourself. If you need to call 10x those first few hours...then do it! After a week or two, it will feel normal and not so hard. Good luck and let us know how it goes.!

  • I'm so sorry. I really dreaded going back to work with my boy. I, too, felt like puking and just cried and cried. There is nothing that can really help you except to tell you that it DOES get easier and your boys will absolutely love it when you are home. I find that getting out of the house for work sometimes is actually even a nice break! When I'm home, I'm much more aware and present with my kids since I've had that time away. It's really hard but after the first few days, it tends to get a little easier. Hugs to you...I know how you feel. 

  • We have the same feeling Paulina7788, I want to go back to work but I don't want to leave my child to the helper. I want to take care of my child so that I can follow up every stage and I want to guide her to be a good woman soon. So now I just chose to work online than to go back to office work. Maybe soon when my child reaches 5 years old. To you hope you can decide which one do you really love to do.

  • Paulina7788 -

    Well I hope you can see that you are certainly not alone in your feelings as you have a heard of moms sharing in your process.  I wanted to let you know that I have been thinking about you today, and just really sending you strength and courage as you make your way back to work.  As I said in my other post I really feel like once you make it through that first hour, then that first shift things will get easier.  Please know that we are here to support you, and you are in my thoughts.  You can do this!