child behavior

  • We have our neighbor here who had a child of age 1 yr and 10 mths. Her child is having a bad behavior. She always want her child to visit my little girl but her child might hurt my baby. Sometimes I felt mad for the misbehavior of his child. How can I tell the mother without hurting her feelings that her child is having a bad behavior?

  • That is always a tough one, but honesty is usually the best policy. You could try by saying something like " Oh, your child is so much older than mine and at that age where I am afraid my baby will get hurt." That may soften the blow because you are not blaming the mother for her child acting 1 year and 10 months is a tricky age and lots of kids act up...but you don't need your baby to be around it.

  • Thanks MommyRN4, I will try to apply that one hope it works.