• do you use baby powder or something when changing the diaper?  if you use a wipe and dont dry the baby, wont he get diaper rash? thanks

  • You definitely need some type of drying agent to protect baby from skin rashes. There are dozens of products which take into consideration the baby's skin sensitivity. These products come in both powder and cream form, and have different levels of protection. Your best bet is to get a recommendation from your pediatrician.

  • You don't have to use powder. I usually only use it when its hot outside so they don't sweat much. I never heard of getting diaper rash from baby wipes? Use wipes for sensitive skin/nonfragrant if your concerned. I use a lot of desitin almost every diaper change to prevent diaper rash.

  • I never used baby powder.  My baby didn’t get much diaper rash that way, but when he did, we used diaper rash cream.  Then the pediatrician’s nurse suggested we use damp paper towels to clean him instead of wipes (although we found the paper towels worked better for pee than poop, so we still have wipes on hand just in case).  We have had virtually no diaper rash ever since (and it’s cheaper too).  I just keep a roll of paper towels in the nursery and a squeeze bottle of water that I re-fill at the end of each day.

  • I used baby powder when changing every diaper.  If/when she has diaper rash, then I use Desitin, Vaseline, and powder (in that order) and it clears up within 1 day.  I've never heard of getting diaper rash because of wipes, but you should let the area air dry before closing up the new diaper.

  • What I have found most helpful is the use of A&D ointment. And you can even purchase store brand it is just as good. I used with my daughter at birth for the entire time that she was in diapers for every diaper change. When I didn't have it I would use Vaseline. But for EVERY change. And with my new baby is just turning six months and she has yet to have a diaper rash yet. So its great. But you have to be consistent. With each changing. Because I know it is bad for boys or girls to have a rash and we live in Florida so it could happen easily. I didn't use powder because it always cakes up on the area and is heck to get off with a wipe. You actually have to bath them and I think the mixture of powder and moisture is not such a great combination.

  • if he gets diaper rash try triple paste a few changes and its gone... i swear by it

  • It depends on what works for you and baby.

    I use baby powder 99% of the time, so his little boys down there don't stick to the diaper.

    My husband swore by Desitin with his three kids before, but  Aquaphor works the best for my baby.

    I know now not to buy anything but Huggies wipes for my baby.

    Just use different products until you find what works for you and baby.

  • That just depends on the baby - some babies require preventative maintainence and some don't.  It all depends on how the baby's skin reacts to his/her urine.  I've never had to use powder or creams on either of my kids unless they had a rash.  Otherwise, just wiping and a little time to air dry did the trick just fine.  I always used unscented or sensitive wipes though.  Some of my friends had to use powders or creams all the time or their babies would get rashes.  Just depends on the baby...