How do I stop my 3 month baby from rolling/tummy time?

  • My baby discover rolling. Everytime he on his back, he wants to roll over to his tummy! But, he's not strong in his neck/arms to stay lifted for long period of times and flip all the way.. He fusses if you turn him over. What's the best way to give him tummy time, help stregthen hom on his neck and should I help him lift up? How do I stop him from rolling when he is in bed? Concern of sids................

  • Honestly i would just allow him to roll over to his belly if that's where he wants to be.. the more he's on his belly the more strength he will gain for holding his head up. Just make sure you are there to keep an eye on him. Also you could try propping him up on a pillow so that he's not just flat on the ground. and one last thing is maybe when he's on his tummy you could try talking to him and encourage him to try and lift his head. Don't worry it won't be long before he's holding his head on his own.

  • My baby came out holding his head up. I cant believe how good he holds his head without any support & he was just born on the 8th of this month. Of course i still help him bc his strength isnt all that great but i am honestly amazed at how strong he is! 

  • Congrats - you have a mover! Just give your little man plenty of chances to play on his tummy on the floor and get down there with him for some extra play time. He will lift his head and arms up more and more in the coming weeks - you'll be surprised! As for bedtime, there is nothing you can do to stop him from rolling. A baby who is able to roll in bed will be able to lift their head up enough to turn it to the side. It can be rather nerve wracking to think about but just know that babies have been worrying their mothers with this for decades! He'll be okay - just keep the bed free of blankets, crib bumpers, and any lose/fluffy sheets. 

  • I monitored my son all the time with tummy time and we put him on his tummy often. Just make sure that he can breathe and he should be fine. If you are very concerned with it you should ask your doctor about it.