Spring Allergies

  • My 7 month old is acting like he has pollen/spring time allergies! He has a constant runny nose, red and itchy eyes, eczema patches on his skin, etc. He seems kind of young to be developing such severe allergies! Does anyone else have experience with their kids having pollen allergies at a young age? How did you help them be comfortable?  -- Julie, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • My 4-year old is our allergy queen. We found a good allergist who explained that it is sometimes difficult to explain how and why allergies begin. It may not be just pollen, it could be a combination of pollen and many other aspects of diet and the environment that could be causing your baby's reaction. For our four year old, we utilize Benadryl when the symptoms get to be unbearable, as well as prescription cream for the eczema. For a baby however, my advice would be to find a good allergist to know exactly what you are dealing with.

  • Yes, talk to your doctor. There are lots of medications that help! I also found that getting it early is the best. Sometimes I start allergy medications before the season starts.

  • I think you should take him to the doctor. If he does have bad allergies he should get treatment for it. It could be something else that also needs treatment.

  • Plus there if a child has one allergy it is likely they have multiple allergies and it is a good time to visit a doctor to determine if there are any potential allergies with serious side effects such as nute or insect stings.

  • I so agree with Answerdad as far as getting in to see the doctor when it comes to allergies!  There is a strong inherited tendency with allergies,  so it would seem if one child is on allergy meds it's ok to treat another that way, but it's so much better to be safe.  Our kiddos that are under two years old are best seen by the doc and prescribed allergy meds if he/she thinks they are needed.  Even though they are over the counter we still need to be careful.  I also totally agree that with increasing numbers of kiddos with nut, fruit , insect and other scary allergies it's best to be set up with a safety plan.  

    Let us know how things go,