we need a nap!!!

  • MY son Grant Bryant is a 5 month old very happy little boy but he will not lay down for a nap by himself he needs a bottle to go to sleep which is what he gets at night. But I have heard parents say that their child can sleep where ever and whenever they want and for hours the longest he will sleep is 45 minutes. Now he does sleep in the car sometimes and he does fall asleep when he's in his stroller too, but when we are at home all bets are off when he's tired. I have tried the whole laying him in his crib when he starts to get tired but he throws a fit. I am lucky though when it comes to night time he does sleep through the night for about 12 hours, is that the reason for the small nap times? I am open to suggestions and so is he!!!


    Alicia from Ohio

  • It sounds like whatever night time routine you are using does the trick so maybe try your routine at nap time. If you are not able to lay with Grant and give him a bottle at that time, reading a story or rocking/swinging him in some way might work.