Itchy Skin, Allergies, and Babies!

  • My sister's little boy is constantly breaking out in rashes and has dry scaly skin. His skin is red and she puts lotion on it whenever possible. I told her to go see her pediatrician, but she is convinced that he just has dry skin. I think he has eczema or some other allergic condition….what do you think? --Bonnie, Strongmoms facilitator

  • An allergist was a great find for us, as my 4-year old has a variety of allergies, including some that produce serious reactions. Our allergist pinpointed several allergins and provided us strategies to prevent exposure. If these skin conditions are not as a result of allergies, the allergist can rule some things out, but it's good to know.

  • Sounds like my oldest - there are certain environmental allergens that trigger his eczema in the winter/summer. Usually lotion takes care of it but if his skin is breaking down from him scratching it or it being too dry/irritated, it'd be best to have some back up treatment plans. I have a topical steroid that I can rub on when he is at that point. I use it sparingly but it really helps with the severe outbreaks.