On the move

  • Well update, I know I asked you guys about rolling over and now She's been crawling/sitting and trying to stand for about a month. And I suppose this could go in baby gear forum too.

    Anyways my daughter stands/leans on things and I was wondering if anyone knows of head gear I could put on her to protect her head. If she falls she always falls backwards and just bonks her head, or if she's leaning on a chair and slips she'll smack her face. I know this is probably normal and nothing to worry about, but If you do know of anything helmet like I'd love to know!


  • I don't know of headwear for this.  I'd just be near by when she is up and about but that is hard to do!  Somehow they make it to adulthood!


  • She's gotten better mainly falling on her but, I just went to the dr and he said they hit their head a lot, but that's just growing up..so I guess I'm just a worry wart lol thanks!