• My daughter is 7 months old and doesn't seem to be interested in crawling at all! She sits independently pretty well, but when she does tumble over she just lays there and will begin to fuss if she isn't picked up and sat back down. I've tried putting her favorite toy in front of her while she's on her tummy or sitting and she will reach for it but if she cant reach it she just gets frustrated and begins to throw a fit. I'm wondering if I start doing playdates with children her age that are already moving maybe that might motivate her to get moving too.. Anyone with any advice?

  • Even sitting up alone is a new skill for a seven month old. She is pretty young to be crawling. That usually happens around 8-9 months, but keep in mind that some babies never crawl. Not because they can't, but they just don't care to. They might learn to scoot or roll where they want to go. At seven months, I would just give her some more time.

  • Totally agree... I'd guess that most babies are not yet legitimately crawling at 7 months, so don't worry. I do like the idea of scheduling play dates with physically active children, and I think that can only help.

  • Thanks for the reassurance, I guess with all the hooplaa everyone is saying I guessed my daughter should have been crawling. I always get people asking me if she's crawling yet so I was stressing it.. But thanks, I will be setting up play-dates though.

  • My son is six and a half months old. He has been around kids age 2 and up since the day he was born.  He's very active and independent for a baby his age. I would attribute this to seeing all of the other kids playing.  He spoke at an early age as well. I think if you can get your daughter around kids her age and older she will be very incouraged to move more.  My husband's daughter walked before she ever crawled, and his son scooted on his bottom everywhere he went. Our son is doing the "typical" baby things, just earlier than normal.  Ever child is unique.  Don't get discouraged.  This may sound cruel, but have you considered allowing your daughter to fuss for a little while when she can't reach something?  It's all part of problem solving.  We try not to intervene when our son is trying something new so he can figure it out on his own.  My husband used to tease me because I "never let our son cry."  Now that he's learning to crawl, eat solids, talk, etc., I allow him to fuss so he can figure things out without my help. I obviously don't let him get beside himself with frustration, that defeats the purpose.  You have to find that special balance for your daughter.  As long as her pediatrician feels like she's healthy and developing fine, no worries.  But, if you do gett that feeling in your mommy instincts that tells you that something just isn't right, you may want to consider getting a second opinion from another pediatrician. Trust your instincts, they're usually right. Sorry my reply was so long, and I hope it helps.  Best wishes and God Bless.


  • Hi. I don't think your daughter is behind on crawling at only 7 months old. My little guy was probably further behind than average on crawling, and I didn't worry.   My baby wouldn't even sit until he was 8 months old and didn't crawl until 10 months old.  Now, there is no stopping him and he gets into anything and everything!  To put it into perspective, I often thought about it like this:  virtually all healthy kids learn to do it (whether it's crawling, walking, or whatever) *eventually*, so what does it matter if they are on the early side or the later side when they first do it?  By the way - my guy was/is in nursery care two mornings a week with crawlers/walkers (purely for practical and social reasons, not for his motor skills), and he was still on the slower end of average with sitting & crawling.  But as long as she and you are enjoying the playdates as fun in themselves, you can't go wrong.  Sorry about the long reply.  P.S.  Looking back now, one of my favorite stages of my little guy was when he could sit but not crawl..... enjoy it while it lasts!