Inconsolable baby!!!

  • My son is 4 months old and he's always been so happy. He hardly ever cries and never had colic. Recently, he's been screaming and crying in the early to mid evening. Sometimes it's when he's going down for a nap. Other times, it's at the end of a nap and he wakes up screaming!!! I've checked everything I know and sometimes I just can't console him no matter what I do. I've checked to make sure his diaper is dry, that he doesn't have a hair wrapped around a toe, has a happy tummy, no gas, not close to feeding time, that he's not overly tired. He's on Similac Sensitive formula and seems to do really well on that. I'm just at a loss here... he always goes down for naps and bedtime easy except for that evening nap time. Any advice?

  • It could be that he doesn't want to be left alone.  Many times if you let them "cry it out" for a a bit they will stop.  I let my 7 mth old cry for about 5 min, she usually stops before then and is sound asleep.  My oldest would go for about 20.  The important thing is to do what you are doing, take care of his needs, and don't stress they can sense it