• my 1 yeaar old twin girls have never slept all night . its been a long twelve months for us with no sleep  soo  what do you do when they share a bedroom and one wakes up crying you  (we) go running so she dont wake the other one up so from the get go we have been jumping up immediatly to stop her because if she wakes the other one up then i have super double trouble . i know by this age they should know how to comfort themselves back to sleep in the middle of the night .do you see my delima help   we are open for any suggestions

  • I don't have twins but I do feel your two boys share a room and for a while I was jumping up too. I finally got to the point where I just can't keep it up anymore! I put on a white noise CD and if I know my boy is fed and clean, I tend to see if he can put himself back to sleep. There were a few nights where the two of them were both fussy but they actually got used to each other pretty quickly. If you just leave them a bit longer each time, you'd be surprised how they can adapt. Hang in there - hugs. 

  • omg i have been doing the cryout method it worked for about 2 weeks the crying first night lasted 40 minutes and i went in every ten minutes the next night it lasted 30 min and the next 20 until we got to 10 minutes of crying im thinking yeah we did it no no no it started all over again back to square one they are in my bed up 2 and 3 times a night i get that they may be spoiled a bit but they do not give up and are wearing me down we do the same routine every night i just dont know what else to do , they get a bath every day and are fed well and always a clean diaper there is no reason for them to be crying other than they are spoiled !!! ear plugs not an option for me im weak i guess any ideas you have would be appriciated oh and they have been to the doctor he thinks they are spoiled and kinda not sure what to tell me i need hugs thank you

  • It can be difficult that's for sure and I am sending you hugs across the Internet. That being said…you need to stick to your guns and establish a routine of what you will and won't do when they wake up. My friend went to a sleep clinic with her son and they suggested the following:

    Once you have put them in bed for the night establish a firm plan of what you will do when they cry and DON'T break this at all.

    When he cries, go in and pat him on the back…say "it's night night time, mommy loves you." Turn on the night light and then leave the room. Then wait 10 minutes. Go back in and do it again…exactly the same way. Then wait 15 minutes..etc..etc.. gradually increasing the amount of time you are gone. Keep this up each night until they get the hang of it. Don't say anything differently..don't do anything differently. He used to wake up 6x a night and after 4 rough nights of this, he slept through the night. 

    Make sure you try this on a weekend or a long weekend when your husband is around to help you get some catch up sleep during the day. My friend took the night shifts with her boy and then slept in the day to catch up while her husband played MR. Mom. 
    Good luck..and don't give up!

  • MommyRN4 has a good suggestion - it's SO HARD when you hear your kids crying but, like you said, you are physically so worn down that you can't even hardly be the mom they need you to be during the day! You'll feel so very different if you are able to stick to your guns and help them learn to soothe themselves and sleep through the night. I bet you'll even see changes in their own behavior too! It's amazing what a full night of sleep does! Hang in there! 

  • Wow, this is one of the hardest things you can teach-yet one of the most important-how to help your child/baby learn-how to self sooth.    There are many adults that still can't do this.  I love the suggestions that our parents have for how to help with this.  Great advice!!       -Jess                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

  • Hi. I know that feeling.  I also have twin girls. They are 3 months.thank goodness they sleep about 7 hours straight throughout the night. What I've learned what to do is bathe, feed,  and soothe them every night.  I also leave the radio on and leave the lamp on. Good luck!Smile

  • drapp….how are things. Did you try a nighttime routine? Just wanted to check to see if things were any better!

  • dcguerra - I found the radio set to an empty station - just the static for white noise - was hugely helpful! Sounds you like you've got a really good routine down. Congrats!

  • Thank you.  Everything is worth a try!