Flipping While Changing Diapers!

  • I have a 6 month old boy and we are now in the twisting/flipping stage of diaper changing! Anytime I try to change him, he wiggles around so much that it takes forever to get a diaper on him! I try to give him a toy but that only helps for a second or two…my goodness. Any tips for me?  --Julie, Strongmoms facilitator

  • well when my daughter started this i moved from the changing station to the floor for safety and ease of changing diapers. One thing that helped me was using my legs to stabilize her body so that she couldnt wriggle so much. My fiance stands by using one of the changing pads that has a divit in the middle of it. he says its harder for the baby to twist around.

  • My little guy is so persistent! We moved him to the floor, for sure. Sometimes he will NOT hold still despite everything I try. I finally end up just gently holding his body still until he stops struggling. He gets so mad about it and is thrilled when the diaper change is done - he is going to be a busy busy boy! 

  • Hazel was and sometimes still is the same. I can rememebr having to put her in a leg lock to get her to hold still long enough to get through a diaper change.


  • Hello ...

    My son twists and turns, too; however, before I change him, I sing to / with him and clap his feet together.  It gets his attention and it keeps him focused on me.  Even during the change I continue to sing to him or talk with him.  He's only 4 months ...


  • Sal - 

    Love the idea of getting them all focused on you before you even start changing their diaper. I'll have to try it! Thanks! 

  • I keep a small bag of toys by the changing table…an old abandoned cell phone, a pair of keys, a hot wheels car etc… and then when I go to change his diaper, I hand him a toy. Usually the distraction is enough for me to get the job done and before he is done exploring the toy, I am done with the diaper change. 


  • Have a very busy (and strong) 7 month old that is in the same boat! Pretty much I take it in 3 stages.

    1. undress and wipe

    (flips and crawls away..bottomless)

    2. get new diaper on 

    flips and crawls away

    3. Get pants on

    Yes, my diaper changes now can take 5 minutes. But if I pin him down he screams bloody murder, usually can get a calm one in 1 time a day! Oh boy. :)

  • Hahaha - are you sure we don't have the same kid??

  • I know! It's like trying to put underwear on an octopus! LOL! It gets easier though.