my 5 month old wont let me put her down

  • my baby girl just turned 5 months and if i put her down she screams, if someone besides me or my husband is holding her she will be fine untill one of  us leaves the room and then its like the world is comming to an end, she wont quit screaming untill one of us holding her, how can i help ease her seperation anxity

  • put her down, walk away, and come back soon.  repeat often. 

    she'll cry and it's tough, but you just gotta do it.

    she needs to understand that when you (or your husband) aren't there, you'll return.  We went thru this w/ my son and it's much better now, but he still prefers us over anyone else...

    good luck!

  • My daughter is the same way. If her mother is around I am chopped liver. If she isn't I am the king compared to anyone else. When we have to leave her with a babysitter or just in another room with company she breaks out in tears. We are working her through it right now by teaching her that it is not acceptable behavior and by not rewarding her for it (such as not acknowledging her when she does it, and not picking her up when she walks over to be because of it). Hopefully it will work. Have any other parents been through this yet? How did you handle the separation anxiety?

  • She is at the age when seperation anxiety kicks in big time. She just doesn't understand that if you are out of the room that you are not gone forever. Peek-a-boo is a good game that helps teach object permeance. Also, put her down and casually say "Mommy will be right back" and then be right back. Just like another poster said, repeat often. :)

  • i will try she loves i never thought of peek-a-boo as a game to teach that, its a great idea she hasent goten into it much, i will try much harder now tho, i have been leaving her in a room for about a minnite at a time and then comming back, is that to long for her only being 5 months?

  • My daughter just started doing that a little bit, but we're already trying to teach her that we will always come back. In the mornings, I'm kind of all over the house when I'm getting ready for work, and I put her down in the living room (we live in an apartment so I don't have to worry about stairs...inside the house, anyways) and I go from room to room getting things ready. Sometimes she follows me a little and sometimes she cries, but I think she's starting to understand that mommy is busy getting things and will be back, if even just for a second. Anytime I come back in the room, though, I always say hi to her and give her a kiss. That makes her excited when I come back again, and she is learning that it's not a bad thing for me to leave.