When should I switch from bassinett to crib??

  • My daughter is 6wks old and isnt yet sleeping through the night consistently, although she has 3 nights this week Smile  My friend was telling me that I should not let her sleep in her bassinett anymore, which is in my room next to my bed, because she's becoming really aware of her surroundings now, and the longer I wait the harder it will be for her to fall asleep in her own room in her crib. Is this true?Does it make it harder to transition to a crib the longer I wait? She never sleeps in my bed so I didn't think it mattered that much...

  • I never gave this much thought until your post. Our first daughter transitioned around 4 months and didn't have much trouble. However, the premise of easier adjustment when you do it earlier also makes sense.

    Our second daughter is almost 4 months old, and we are going to move her to the crib any day now... I'll tell you how it goes!

  • I think it depends on the baby. My older daughter slept in a Pack n Play in my room when she was an infant because it was the only one in the house that had air conditioning that hot, hot summer. She transitioned to her own crib just fine.

    With my younger daughter, she only recently moved out of our room (she's 2 1/2), but always slept in her own crib. We only have a two-bedroom place and we felt that it wasn't safe to let her share a room with her 10-year-old sister (lots of baby un-friendly stuff). Now that she's older, transitioning her from room to room was easy.

    In the end, I think that it's really up to you and what you feel your baby's temperment is. You'll likely go through a period of separation anxiety at bedtime once she reaches 6-9 months anyway. As long as you're close by to give her reassurance, I don't think it matters whether she sleeps in a crib or a bassinette.

  • So my husband and I decided to move her bassinett into her room last night, so there was something familiar to her, and she slept the same. We are going to visit family out of state this wed through mon so she will be in a portable crib which has more space and open like a crib. So I figure when we get back we will just use the crib. Thanks for the advice! I'm hoping everything goes well with this...Ill let you know!

  • I moved both of mine at 3 months. We chose that time because the bassinet came with a warning that said to take them out when they could roll over. By that age, they both rolled and rolled well. I'm glad it went well putting her in her room. I had never thought about using the bassinet in the nursery. That is a great idea!

  • So far the bassinett in the nursery has worked well the past few nights. Shes even started going to bed earlier (9pm) instead of crying until midnight. Last night she made it to 5am! I'm so happy this is working well and hopes it keeps up since I go back to work on July 7th and cant afford to be up all night since my husband is working nights!

  • I never let my son sleep with me when he was a newborn, I had him in a bassinet next to my bed.  When he would wake up I'd feed him and wait until he fell back asleep to put him back in the bassinet.  When he started getting bigger ((at about 3 months)) I transitioned him to the crib because I was afraid he was too big for the bassinet and his moving around would wind up in him tipping the thing over. 

    I didn't find it difficult to transition him from bassinet to crib and he slept fine in both.  I don't think it makes it harder the longer you wait, it just might be more dangerous the longer you wait depending on the weight and size of your child.

  • Well the portable crib worked well for our trip! I put her down at about 8pm this evening in her crib, and she seems fine. I guess I worried over nothing! Thanks again Smile