Separation Anxiety?

  • My 7 month old is starting to develop separation anxiety. Whenever I put him and down and move out of sight, he starts to cry and fuss. Heaven forbid I leave the room – that’s asking for a full blown crying session. Anyone have any tips for me?

    ~Julie, StrongMoms Facilitator


  • I had to put Hazel in a spot where she could see me. I didn't give in if she started to cry just because i put her down since i didn't want her to associate crying with getting what she wanted. The only other thing i could suggest is giving him a special toy when you set him down so that he is occupuied.

  • I might try to  keep a special basket of toys that are for keeping him busy when I need to really get something done. He is so little, though, he doesn't seem to care too much about toys yet for long periods of time. :-/

  • It is a tough phase but one you can push through. Try putting him down in front of something entertaining, like a toy or a crib mobile. Then leave for a few minutes and then come back. Gradually lengthen how long you leave the is tough, but eventually they learn that you will come back! 
    Oh and only do this when they are not tired and fully fed!

  • PedsNurseJulie-Oh gosh, it's the age!  I think you just have to get through it.  By leaving for short periods of time and then showing baby that you always come back, it will diminish with time.  Hang in there, we feel your pain!  -Jess

  • Thanks for support - just wanted to say it is getting better! I think the key to motherhood is to realize that EVERYTHING is a phase and "it too shall pass". :-)