8 week old twins, not napping in crib

  • hello all,

    I am ever so thankful for this message board..you all have awesome advice and it is comforting to know that I can log on and post a question and get amazing responses from all of you out there that have experienced what we are experiencing.

    My dilemma starts with my twin boys not napping during the day in their cribs...we wait until they fall asleep to place them in the cribs, but 5 minutes later they both awake, partly because their pacifiers have fallen out of their mouths.  how do we get them to nap in their cribs, and is it too early to start trying to "train" them now.


    Right now they tend to nap in their swings, or on a boppy pillow....





  • My experience has been that if they are comfortable napping in the swing or boppy, don't mess with success! I also liked when my daughter napped in her car seat, because I felt pretty good that she was safe, and I could tend to other things.

    Did they do well in the bassinette? We kept our daughters in the basinette until about 4 months, which is a little longer than most. I guess like everything else, you just have to experiment until you find the magic solution!

  • Do they sleep together? How do they do if you lay them in the crib drowsy, but awake?

  • My 7wk daughter RARELY takes naps and when she does its either on a boppy, her swing, pack n play etc. When I lay her down in her crib she'll just scream, unless its nighttime and shes going down for the night. My doctor had told me that some babies just dont nap as well as others and to not worry about it. Usually if she does start crying I will let her for a little while (20min) she sometimes falls back asleep for a bit. If she continues I will then soothe her and just try to make her happy. If the room isn't dark enough that may be a bothering them as well? You could try room darkening blinds or thicker curtains to block the sun. Hope this helps a little!

  • I have twin girls they r now 2 1/2 months old I had a little problem in the beginning with the crib as well I let them sleep together and they will cry for a while but I play lullaby music for them it soothes them as well as they play with each other and b4 I know it they r fast asleep I think the music is a big Help even at night when I put them down after a feeding I play the music and it works like a charm I hope this may be helpful to you. Also my girls don't like the pacifier so I have to try harder to get them to sleep but the music does work but of course if aall else fails the boppy seat or swing does come in handy!!!