diaper leaks

  • i have a eight week old and for the last week, every so often i find that he is wet.  the pee goes up his side.  i dont know what i am doing wrong.  i have changed the size of the diaper to size 1.  am i doing something wrong.


  • I had the same problem.  I found that all the name brand diapers would leak.  I found at Babies R US a brand that I still  use without any problems.  It's called Especially for baby


    I did also find that if the diaper was small, then they would leak - but overall these diapers are great.  I tried pampers and luvs for all night protection and they would still leak, but with these I have not had any problems (she sleeps 10-12 hrs without any issues).  Hope this helps!  Good Luck

  • I have two daughters in diapers, and no matter brands I use (we've tried them all!) it seems that from time to time we have leaks. To me, it's more a function of how well you keep your baby fit into the particular diaper. When my one daughter got pretty bad diaper rash, we changed her nearly every hour, unless she was sleeping.

    With boys, I think you need to make sure he is pointed down inside the diaper. That may be a reason why he leaks up the back or side.

    Hope this helps!

  • It very well could be the brand. Some really are better than others in terms of how well they hold in moisture. If switching brands doesn't work, maybe try to change more frequently would help.

  • I had the same problem with my son at the beginning.  My husband and I found ourselves changing his clothing during the night and couldn't understand what we were doing wrong until we saw the pedriatician...voila! We were never told we had to make sure he was "pointing down" before closing the diaper!! LOL  I guess this comes with being a 1st time mom to a boy! He is now 8 months and we switched from Pampers Swaddlers (the best) to Huggies Overnites since the swaddlers didn't make his size anymore and he was starting to pee at night again. Perfect!! Now that is what we use all day, the overnites.  Hope this helps!

  • I found that I don't particularly care for huggies for my 3 month old son. (they seem itchy) However, I didn't realize until many of overnight wet diaper leaks and pajama changes, that there are actually marks on the diapers telling you where to place the tab. On huggies, you are supposed to match up the two lines from the back of the diaper to the two lines on the front of the diaper... On pampers, there's a green line, you should place the tab on or just below that line. Lining up the marks have eliminated my leak problems, unless the diaper is too small and he pee's out the top. LOL

    Hope this helps !

  • Ah diaper leaks....if only they made one brand for all babies. Unfortunately when my son was born, we had the same problem. He would pee out of any Huggies diapers we tried. When we finally switched to Pampers Swaddlers, he never leaked out of them again. They seemed to fit his body better.

    SOOOO, when my daughter was born, we stocked up on Pampers Swaddlers and wouldn't you know it....she leaked out of those. When we switched her to Huggies, she never leaked again!

    Needless to say, all diapers fit children differently. I love Huggies, Pampers, Luvs etc..they are all great diapers. Try out a couple of brands and you may be surprised to find one that is perfectly fit for your little man!!!