• I have a 4 1/2 month old little girl....She wants me to hold her all the time...I mean all the time...I have a 7yr too...I have so much to do and i can't hold her all the time...What do i do..She doesn't like her swing or her bouncer seat..

  • I recommend getting a sling! I have a hotsling and my 2 m/o LOVES it!

  • A sling or baby carrier is an excellent idea...but you need to try and figure out why she wants to be held all the time. Is she gassy or colicky? Is she hungry? Is she simply tired? Another possibility is that she may suffer from a bit of infant reflux and she may just like the upright position. Try and see if you can determine WHY she wants to be held so much and that may be your first step towards getting her to spend some time by herself.

    My daughter didn't like her swing, but she loved the vibrating bouncy seat when I bounced it manually underneath with my foot. At least this way I could fold laundry or answer a few emails. Good Luck..hopefully this is a phase that will soon pass.


  • I agree with the others. When my youngest was an infant, I had an 8-year-old, too. Both my sling and my Snugli were a huge help.