Sleeping After Children

  • I love sleep, given the opportunity I would sleep until late afternoon with ease. My wife can’t sleep beyond early morning. With our daughter it is hard to tell if she leans toward either one of us – she’ll stay up late and be awake before my wife is. Sleep is important though, and a missed nap can mean a night of wake ups and walking. How has the arrival of your child changed the way you sleep?

  • Sleep? What's that? I am SOOOO not a morning person and was really relishing having an older child who could get up, get dressed and make her own breakfast when I found out I was pregnant. I don't think I've gotten a decent night's sleep in nearly three years now!

  • Same here. It has been years. My children get up through the night and then bright and early before 6. That alone is the reason I may stop with just 2 children. :)

  • That is very interesting and true, I am still waiting for the day I get to sleep in too. I still can't get to bed early, but I've noticed most morning I'm not as tired as I used to be. I feel refreshed even though I'm up early and groggy and slow I'm not exhausted like I would have been doing the same in college. My wife makes up for it by going to bed earlier so she can get up earlier. Have you found yourself adjusting for new sleep needs?


  • Oh yeah. You totally get used to it. It's like starting a new job where you have to be up and out of the house early to get there on time. Once you're into the routine, your body takes over and your internal clock is reset.

    Another thing to consider is that for moms sometimes is that we're so connected with the baby that we instinctually respond to their every move and noise at night. The result of this is that while we may be sleeping, we're not getting the same quality of sleep, which translates into rough days. Do you think it's the same for dads?

  • Sleep ,more like a cat nap at my house.I am the same not morning person and have two older boys. It's been three since I had a baby in the house.I haven't got a good night sleep in 11 months and counting lol!!My son still doesn't sleep through the night yet.Every two and half hours were up with him.Got married and pregant right away.My husband went from no children to three in 9 months.He's the all time best dad with lots of love,patience and get up when I'm to tried to. I thought my baby was the only one,nice to know i'm not alone.      

  • I don't know about other dads but for myself I wake for most of the turns, sneezes (or snores), or wakes. My wife seems to be like yourself in that she can give her attention almost without waking - most of the time she seems still rested. I feel drained the next morning from the interrupted sleep though.