Baby & Air Travel

  • When is an ideal time to begin travelling by plane with the baby?

  • I think it depends on the baby and you. But this is a question you should ask your babies doctor. I would check to see if the doctor thinks it is safe. I traved with my 2nd child at a very early age but, it was due to military serivce and I had to bring him to my family for 3 months due to one of my deplyments. ( my husband and I had an overlap) I got a check up from the babies doctor and the doctor gave the okay for my son to fly. That is what I would suggest..

    Good Luck ..

  • If traveling internationally, you may need to give your child certain vaccinations against developing world diseases i.e. malaria, and babies may not be able to handle that. To me, this is a health issue and you should pay attention to what your doctor says above anyone else.

  • I think it depends on Dr reccomendations. Your ped should be able to tell you, but I was told 3 months would be safe and only travel before then if absolutely needed