Flat head

  • My 8 wk. old son loves to sleep on his back, but it is making the back of his head very flat.  Any suggestions on what I can do to ensure it doesn't progress into an odd shaped head as he gets older. 

  • Yes....while it is recommended by the Academy of Pediatrics that all babies be put on their backs to sleep, they still need tummy time. The way you can accomplish this is by placing your baby on his tummy on a blanket when you are in the same room with him. Place a few visually stimulating toys around him and watch him closely. While your little one may only last a few minutes on his tummy at first, he will begin to get used to it......if you continue to introduce it every day.

    In addition to tummy time, your baby needs to be upright in swings, carseats and bouncy seats to take the pressure off of the back of his head. Also, when he is awake, try laying him on his side with a few rolls behind him to prevent him from rolling back. Put a baby mirror or crib toy in front of him and monitor him closely.

    You can also use your Boppy pillow as a nesting seat for your baby to sit in when he is awake. This is nice for taking the pressure off of the back of his head.

    If you still think your baby's head is getting too flat, be sure to let your pediatrician know so that he can suggest other ways to help prevent it from being molded irregularly.

    Hope this helps



  • make sure you give belly time and time for the baby to sit up. My son has a spot on his head that is getting a little flat too and he is 9 weeks old, but that is because he is always looking in one direction

  • One of my twin daughters had that. And yes, as long as you are supervising your baby you can put him on his tummy, and for tummy time is a must.  It will self correct, if not talk to the pediatrician.  It won't be permanent.

    Good Luck