• i have an eight week old that at night he gets up every three hours to eat about 5ounces of formula.  then in the early afternoon he does not nap or go back to sleep until sometime after 5 or 6 oclock.  in the meantime he cries on and off and is fussy.  i dont know how to get him to take naps in the afternoon without rocking him or going for a car ride.  any suggestions.  thank you...

  • At some point in their lives, all babies will go through a period when they are a bit fussier and harder to settle. Our parents and grandparents used to call the hours in the evening "the witching hours" because most children and babies got fussier.

    Don't worry though, your baby isn't under any spell!!! Your baby's fussiness is probably due to their immature nervous system. Their nervous system is still immature and has difficulty dealing with all the noises, sights and smells in the world around them. As a result, they feel the need to "let off some steam" in the evening hours.

    Try reducing the amount of stimulation your baby gets during the day, including TV, radio, car excursions, and visually stimulating environments. You may find that after a few "calm and quiet" days at home, your baby is better able to handle the rest of the evening.

    If this doesn't work, you could try to revamp your nap schedule and put him down a bit earlier for a nap BEFORE his nervous system gets overloaded. Put him to sleep in his crib, in a darkened room with soothing sounds of nature or classical music.

    My babies loved to vibrate in their bouncy seats to the sounds of Chopin's Nocturnes...but every baby is different. The bouncy seat may not calm him but rather it may stress him out more. Try different things to see what works the best.

    Good LUck,.....more than likely this is a small phase that will pass quickly.


  • If you read the experiences of parents on this site in regard to sleeping, you will find that no two children are alike. The frustrating thing is that what works one night might not work the next, so my advice is to have a plan and be prepared to change it! At some point, you'll find the right combination of schedules and stimuli to make your baby sleep with more predictability.