• My daughter just turned eight months old. When would be a good time to take away the pacifier.I just don't know when to take it away because she has been teething alot. But she is also dependent on it to help her sleep. Please help, don't know what to do.
  • I think this is a tough question because all kids are different. We have a 22 month old daughter, and we have tried to take away her pacifier during the day, but she still uses it when she goes to sleep. We have set up 2 years as the time we are going to try to have her give it up at night.

    I guess you could try to do it any time, but it might be painful for a prolonged stretch and once you begin, you really can't go back.

    Hope this helps!

  • Some books I've read say that by 6 months the pacifyer should be gone because babies are phsycologically capible of soothing themselves without that "crutch", but since every baby is different it's hard to tell. 

    At first I insisted that my son take the pacifyer because I didn't want him to suck his thumb. (I can take the pacifyer away when he's too old for it)  Now though, I'm not as worried about it.  Babies suck their thumbs and/or pacifiers to sooth themselves, so if they are well balanced and comfortable they will stop needing those things to get to sleep when they are ready and will stop using them when they are ready.  That being said, sometimes babies can get into habits that just have to be broken (like night feedings in a baby that is able to sleep through). 

    It kind of depends on what you want for your daughter and what she is ready for.  If you try taking the pacifyer away at night and she screams bloody murder and won't sleep, then give it back.  If you can take it away and she'll wimper for a while but then calm down then maybe she's ready to give it up.

  • My oldest daughter who is now 8.5 is extremely well adjusted and a brilliant student!  She LOVED her pacifier, and she used it mostly at night after she turned 2.  She was ready to give it up by the time she turned 3.  It was such a comfort to her when she fell and needed stitches when she was 2 and a half.  The nurse sent me out of the room, and I was crying so hard while I waited.  When I walked in to see her after, she had been enjoying her pacifier, and I honestly am grateful she had that comfort when I wasn't allowed to be with her.  I have 2 other daughters and I am pregnant with my 4th daughter, and I have tried everything to get them to take a pacifier and they did not.  They are perfectly well adjusted also!  But, the dentist said it is perfectly fine up to age 5!!!!!  And, pacifiers are so much easier that thumb sucking to get rid of when ready, and there are less germs!!!!!!  I wouldn't be in any rush to give it up, at least while they are at home!!!  (P.S..... when my daughter began showing she was ready to give it up, she would put it in her night stand, and she took it out when she wanted it at night).  Good luck!

  • I started taking them away when my girls started chewing through the latex and it became a choking hazard. I don't think it's a bad thing for them to use them going into the second year if they need it to sleep.

    With our youngest, we started in stages, first restricting the paci to nap and bedtime only. That went on for about six months or so. Then one day it just disappeared and when she asked for it, we praised her for being a such a big girl that she just didn't need it anymore. It worked great. But she was two before she gave it up completely. I believe my older daugther was around the same age, as well.

  • A friend of mine slowly cut the pacifer so that after a while there was nothing to suck on and the baby just threw it away.  She said it worked wonders and she didn't have to be te bad guy.  I'm thinking about trying it when mine gets a little older!  Worth a shot!

  • Now is a great time to begin establishing some "ground rules" regarding the pacifier. You can specify that if she wants to use her pacifier, she needs to be in her crib. "The pacifer stays in the crib", you can tell her. This way she is naturally being weaned from it and only using it at night and during naps.

    When my son was younger, we also asked our dentist who told us that the pacifier would not interfere with his teeth as long as he didn't suck on it morning, noon and night.

    If she only uses it to sleep, then she may begin to naturally wean herself from it over the next few months.


    Good Luck