•  My daughter Kierna is almost 8mo when can I put a blanket in the crib with her?

  • I do believe the APA recommends after 1 year of age. For now, I would be sure to put her in fleece pj's on cold nights.

  • I'll be honest, we didn't stick a full sized genuine blanket in the crib with her when my daughter was in the crib but she did (and still does) have a "blankie". It's about 1.5 by 2 feet in size so it was just enough to cover her when she was small, now it's a little bit too small for her but she likes it so we still let her have it in the bed with us. It made me feel better having something to cover her with because her body always felt so cold to me, but honestly she always threw it off (and still does, even in the bed with us she wont sleep under and blankets or cover of any kind).

    It can really depend on how well you feel your baby can cope with the ability to deal with issues like becoming tangled, overheating (and thus needing to throw off the blanket), and such. You might consider speaking with your pediatrician about her development and see how he/she feels as well.

  • My daughter got her "blankie" right around the time she was a year old.  We were out shopping one day and she was instantly drawn to it.  She's almost 4 now and she still takes it everywhere with her.

    When she was smaller she clung to the clean burp rags that we'd take "just in case."  I let her do that for awhile, but eventually I felt sorry for her.