Waking up at night

  • My name is Jacqueline and my daughter is almost 8mo old. She doesn't have a problem going to sleep in her crib alone( thank God) but she will wake up at least once a night some times twice. I try to pat her but to help her go back to sleep, change her..and yes most of the time I have to feed her to go back to sleep..is this the right thing to do?

  • Hi Jacqueline! When my son was this age I tried a modified cry it out method that really worked fast and was pain free for both of us. I set an alarm for 5 minutes after he started crying. After 5 minutes I would go in and rock him. I did this for a few nights and then bumped it up to 10 minutes. After a few nights of that I moved to 15 minutes and he slept through the night with only having to cry for 15 minutes a couple of times. I would also try not to feed her if you know she is well fed throughout the day. That way she doesn't wake up for that reason. These are things that worked for me and everyone is different, but maybe it will help.

  • BabyNurse has some great advice about this. We took a different approach with our youngest, though, because we knew she wasn't eating enough during the day. We fed her in the middle of the night until she was 18 months old. She was in the 10th percentile in height and weight (still is!) and was a very fussy eater. My advice would be to follow your insticts about whether your baby is really needing some nutrition in the middle of the night or if this is something more behavioral before deciding what course of action to take.

  • It's always a decision based on the situation of course but it sounds like you're doing a pretty good job. BabyNurse3 and WriteMommy10 both have some great advice too. With my daughter we avoided feeding her at night once we learned she was actually waking up just to be fed, she stopped getting up in the middle of the night after that. As for changing, it's a toughy but if she's not wetting the bed through her diaper you might even be able to wait until the morning too - our daughter would wet her crib through her diaper unfortunately (thankfully we put a liner under her sheets) because of the way she slept, which would wake her up some of the time. Make sure it doesn't cause any problems like diaper rash though!

  • When my son was a baby waking in the middle of the night we tried something a little more visual to soothe him.  I got one of those mobile things that does the projection on the ceiling with music and that seemed to help him get back to sleep. When he got older we used one of those fiber optic christmas trees that rotated through the colors(great night light by the way).  As for the changing try using a diaper one size larger over the regular diaper, that worked for us.

  • We tried a visual approach I purchased a mobile that projected onto the ceiling as well as played music. This worked while he was a baby, when my son got older we used a small fiber optic christmas tree (the kind that rotated through the colors, it worked as a great night light). Now that he is in his toddler bed I have those stars that glow in the dark around his room and above his bed and we use a cd player to play music to get him to sleep. As for the changing try double diapering or getting those liners for the diapers. I was given some diapers that were to big for my son at the time so I used one of the larger diapers over his regular diaper and that seemed to help when he was waking up because his pj's were wet.
  • Hey Jacqueline, I was just popping in and wondered how things have been going with your daughter? Is she sleeping any better or still waking up in the middle of the night? Did you end up adding a blanket to her crib?