The Happiest Baby on the Block

  • If I could give one gift to every new parent, it would be The Happiest Baby on the Block by Dr Harvey Karp. This DVD is absolutely amazing. Dr Karp calms crying infants by using the 5 S’s: suck, shh, swing, side/stomach, and swaddle. You can read about his methods online, but you really need to see the DVD to fully grasp how to use them. Has anyone else tried Dr Karp’s technique?

  • I have not read it, but those techniques sound very similar to the methods we use with my own daughter (although we never swaddled her). Can you describe a little about what is involved and how it works?

  • He uses the 5 S's to calm babies, but he also goes into MUCH more detail about the "4th trimester". He uses: Shhh- white noise or saying shhh in your baby's ear, swing, swaddle- with a 42x42 blanket, suck- paci or breast, and side or stomach- only when mom or dad are with baby.

    You can Google "happiest baby technique" and see it in action. There are tons of videos on YouTube.

    One thing I didn't know before the DVD was that baby's can't hear as well for the first few months, so when he says shhh to them, he does it right in there ear and fairly loudly. It is so amazing to see it in action!