me again...

  • hi yes im the one whos baby doesnt stay in one place for five mins.... help me please. my daughter refuses to be ANYWHERE. i cant put her down not even five minutes without her crying bloody murder. ive tried every method there is out there for sleep and it does not work. belive me ive tried it ALL.i got her a swing, a jumperoo. a rocker, an entertainment center, a playmat, a bassinet, electronical mobiles, fish aquariums, everything everything! sometimes i will even put her on the couch surrounded by pillows and it doesnt work. i cant shower or do dishes or walk away to get something to drink im really serious guys. i even have to take her to the bathroom with me to do my business. i dont think its a milk intolerance cuz she doesnt get cranky right after milk. its not colic, and its not gas pains cuz i pat her back like thrirty mins after she eats. ive tried it all. when all else fails what do i do??? im a single mom so its not like i can hand her doen to my husband or whatever. im nineteen and i go to school and im soooo tired. i take time to play with her and stuff and ive got her in arms ALL DAY LONG because shell scream anywhere else to the point of choking  and stuff. help.... has anyone gone trough this any tips advice anthing!

  • just know that you can't spoil your baby yet.  Most babies just want to be held out of comfort.  I sleep with my new daughter on my chest every night.  And she will sleep for 4-5 hours like that.  Sometimes she sleeps well in the car seat too.  Especially if we just get home from somewhere.  Have you tried a snuggli?  If your daughter wants to be close that might keep her close enough, and give you some freedom.  and another resource might be a daycare center.  If you could find her a place to go for a couple of hours a week, that might help both of you.  Good Luck!   

  • how old is the baby?  sorry that you have no help i buy Gripe water and mycoln for my little one when she is fussy gripe comes in handy it is for fussy gasy colic babies my daughter is very gasy! she is 4 months old sounds like u are spoiling her she is use to u holding her at all times which is not good

  • laura89, it may be she has reached a point where she has separation anxiety. This is much like a "mommy or daddy only" phase, but more extreme. With my daughter we have worked hard to teach her that the behavior is not tolerated or acceptable, while reinforcing the idea that we aren't going anywhere. By doing things like leaving the room while she was in her crib or playpen and then returning a few minutes later we've shown her we don't "disappear". Peek-a-boo is another great game we play that helps teach her about "object permanence" (that stuff/people don't go away just because she can't see it). It isn't always easy to be firm with her but whenever we let her get away with the tantrums it only seems to reinforce the idea that doing it will get her what she wants so we try our best.

  • laura89,  My niece was the same way when she was about 10 mos old. It lasted several mos and then she outgrew it. Her mother could not leave her sight or she would cry extremely hard. I don't know how old your baby is but my niece finally got over that phase. Just give it time.  

  • yes  u  can spoil a baby  b/c im proof  of  the   i have a 2 month old  son and  i just started going  back 2  work  yes he  has  colic but thats  not  it  i go to  work  and he screams  and cries i  have had to  come  home several times from work to try to calm him down  and  as soon as i step thorugh the  door he is quiet as can be

  • Hi Laura89.  Yes my baby, who used to act OK, is now having separation anxiety too and not napping well when he can’t see me, and being totally cranky exactly like Madion described about her niece (my baby is 10mo old).  I think your baby is quite a bit younger from your description? - and it seems like her separation anxiety is a bit more extreme, but here is an idea that helped me:  you switch out to wearing a new T-shirt and hand her the one you’ve just been wearing (a Mom-smelling security blanket).  It really works for my son to help settle him down to nap, although I had to be careful not to over-use it because then it doesn’t work as well at calming him when I do use it.  For nap or night-time use I would wait until he was asleep with it and then sneak in and grab my T-shirt back off him to make sure he wouldn’t get it over his face.   Hope this helps some.