Sleep issues

  • Ok heres my dilemma: my daughter, who just turned 5 months,  used to have no problem going to sleep at nite. we would put her down by 830-9pm and she would sleep straight through the night. but for the last 2 weeks, she will sleep for about an hour and then wakes up and WILL NOT go back to sleep unless she is held until she falls asleep and is put down. I don't want this to become a habbit for her, but letting her cry her self to sleep doesnt work, changing her diaper doesnt work and even feeding her doesnt work. i've thought about trying to swaddle her again, but we were trying to get away from that. ANyone have suggestions on what else to try or what the problem might be? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Depending when the last time she ate may have something to do with it.  This might be a growth spirt time.  Try a bottle before bed and a good burp too.  Also feel for some teeth in there.  Mine got her first two bottom teeth at 4 months old.  Good Luck!

  • Five months is a little early to consider crying out. Babies often go through these little phases and change their patterns unexpectedly. You have to do what you think is best at this point. I think it's worth a call to the pedi to make sure nothing's physically wrong.

  • There are so many reasons she may be having difficulty staying asleep. She could be experiencing a form of separation anxiety and just testing to make sure you are still there for her. She could be starting teething and her teeth may be causing her discomfort. She could be experiencing mild reflux that is waking her up. Or she could have a form of an ear infection. I would talk to your doctor first to rule out ear infections or tummy aches. Once you know that she is okay, you can begin to tackle sleep issues.

    Most children go through a period where ....for one reason or another...they regress a bit and don't sleep as well. Hopefully this is all a phase and she will be back to her good sleeping habits in no time. Keep us informed on how things are going...

  • I have given up trying to figure out what makes babies' sleeping habits change without warning. One thing that has worked miracles for me is music. Both my daughters would be calmed by music sometimes, to the point where I would play it in their room throughout the night. Rock, classical, jazz, and on and on. It didn't work all the time, but it worked enough times!

    Good luck!