1st Bday party

  • I'm getting prepared for my daughter's 1st Bday party.  There will be 5 three year olds there and a 1 year old.  Do I organize games for them to play or just let them entertain themselves? 

  • Hello!  Mine too is quick to be one.  I think a great idea for 3 year olds is a ball pit.  It doesnt have to be an expensive one.  Even if you by a little inflatable pool and use that, i think you can find the balls at toys r us or even your local wal-mart .  

  • You don't have to organize anything... just set out a bunch of fun toys and let them go! If you want to though, you could buy a small pinata for the three year olds to hit around..or you could play a small game of pin the tail on the donkey. I just usually let them run around the house and yard and play with each other! Hope you have fun!