• hi guys...i have carpet throughout my house and my 7 1/2 month old son is all over the place now...his knees are red from crawling and if i put pants on him, he finds it difficult to get around as well as with just a onesie...i put the eucerin cream on him throughout the day, but i was wondering if there was something else better to use..has anyone used the new desitin clear? i was wondering how that works..

    thanks!!  ;)

  • Desitin clear works just as well as the original...but without the white pasty mess!!!

    They do sell these little leg warmers that you can put on baby that stay up over their knees...this way he can crawl around to his hearts content without brushburning his little legs. You can also make a pair by buying some big kid knee socks!

  • hello jellybean21 i have 8 month old she not crawling let but she getting readly too. she my first she readly teething too.

  • There's a clothing brand called Krawlers (I think) that makes pants with extra padding in the knees, which also helps them gain some more traction as they crawl. Have you thought about putting down blankets over the carpet when he's crawling around? If you mark off a space for him to explore, this might work in protecting his knees.