my baby is 6 weeks....

  • hi im new to this site and im new to the mom thing i have a 6 week old baby and he still wakes up at night to eat every 3 hours its been like this since hes been like 2 weeks i thought he would start sleeping longer by now...can anyone give me some advice on y he wont sleep for longer please? by the way he does sleep in his crib and he loves it but he is awake and ready to eat exactly 3 hours all night long.

    ~Alyssa Rae~

  • This is perfectly normal for a baby your age, and you can expect it to last for a good number of weeks to come. Generally speaking, it's not until at least 8 weeks that babies start sleeping through the night. But that's a general guideline. It all depends on the baby. Many keep waking throughout the night for months. Unfortunately, just about every baby has erratic sleeping patterns throughout the first year, and some beyond.

  • WriteMommy is right! Somehow or another we all expect our babies to sleep through the night sooner than they do. We hear all the stories our friends tell about their babies who were sleeping 12 hours by the time they were 4 weeks old! Well that is certainly NOT the norm. Your baby is doing exactly what he should be doing...eating every 3 hours and getting into a normal sleep pattern. Over the next month or so, you should see that extend a bit at night to 4 hours and even 6 hours. But is not always that way and babies are anything but consistant. Good Luck and Congratulations with your little one! Before you know it, you will be celebrating his 1st birthday and wondering where the time went!

  • awww your right and thank u very much =) i cant wait until hes 1 but at the same time its going to be so sad b/c hes growing up...its already going by so fast =( but thank you really


    ~Alyssa Rae~