why wont he eat all at once???

  • my 7 week old will wake up to eat so i make him his usuall 4oz. bottle but he will only drink 2oz. and he will be completely asleep and will not take anymore at all so i put him back to sleep...but he wakes up about a half hour later sometimes before then or smetimes up to an hpur later and he'll want the rest of his bottle or even just 1 more oz. why wont he just eat all at once then wake up to have anther whole bottle, its making it kinda hard and im ending up so tired from being up so much all night. please give me any advice that might help. thankx

    ~Alyssa Rae~

  • My kids would do this too at first and the way I stopped it was by saving the diaper change until the middle of the feeding. I would feed my baby until he fell asleep or so and then I would change his diaper. This helped because the act of changing his diaper woke him up enough to "finish" his feeding and sleep soundly for 3 hours straight afterwards. This should help...let me know how it works!

  • At this age, you still have to keep waking them up throughout the feeding. It's very common for babies to nod off while taking a bottle. He's burning a lot of energy because he's growing so fast. Try changing his diaper or undressing him. He may not be happy, but at least he'll be awake enought to finish his bottle.

  • I agree with MommyRN4......I tried the same method and it did very well.

  • It can be very frustrating and exhausting to have this problem. The solutions listed above are all very sound ones and will hopefully result in both of you getting more rest.

  • my daughter did this for a while too.  the diaper change should help, but also try burping him that may help too especially when he already has a dry diaper and doesn't need changing.

  • How long have you been giving him a 4 oz bottle? Usually, 4 oz is too much for a 7 week old baby, which is why he doesn't finish it all. Have you taken him for his check-up yet? Make sure he is gaining weight at an appropriate rate.

  • i dont know how u may feel but they recommeded me giving my 2mnth old a pacifer it took many trys, different styles but i did it and now i can sleep more and so can she. drs say a paci holds their hunger so it can help ur baby get back on track. good luck =)!

  • My son did this and it drove us crazy.  But he would do it during the day to.  I finally got fed up with it and put him on a strict schedule.  After he got done eating, I made him wait exactly three hours before he would get fed again.  He learnt real fast he better eat while he can.  Took a day to teach him, and it was well worth it!!

  • It is normal for a 7 wk old to drink 4-6 ounces.  The 2 ounce at a time thing is frustrating my baby does it once in a while but I do wake him to finish his bottle so he can sleep longer and not wake me up in an hour.

  • My daughter does the same thing (she's 5 weeks).  I'm going to have to try moving the diaper change like you suggested.  Thanks for the idea!