sleeping concerns

  • Okay my problem is how my son sleeps. he is just 3 weeks and he still sleeps all day inside his bassinet comfortably. but during the night he will rebel being put into it by screaming and crying. he will only quiet down when layed down on my bed. we he has a crib but refuses to be put inside it also. i am informed about SID and im terrified too let him sleep with mee in my bed what do i do?

  • my baby used to do that too but the doctor says that it's because babies get daytime and nighttime mixed up because they're not used to it. just try to keep her/him up for at least two hours prior to going to bed.

  • Unfortunately, the sleeping habits of newborns have frustrated all parents. I wish there was a magic solution, but for the first couple of months, babies sleep when they want. Pretty soon, your baby will recognize that there is less activity at night and begin to shift. The bright side is that most babies sleep through the night by the third or fourth month, so every day is one step closer!

  • We use the swaddle blanket by Kiddopotomus.  It stays together by velcro.  My daughter likes the feeling of snuggling.  My doc told us it is because she is small that she feels safer in it.  I have begun using it to get her to nap during the day.  I decided the a/c bothers her and using this has helped during the day and has not disrupted her sleeping at night.  As for the crib, check with your doc.  Because our baby was a preemie our doc advised us to wait on the crib because she is so small, and just stay with the bassinet as long as it is safe.

  • I agree with all the other posters on this site..babies sleep patterns baffle even the most veteran of mommies. One possibility besides having his days and nights mixed up might be that the room is too quiet or too dark. This alone may cause him to feel uncomfortable and lonely. Try putting some soothing music on in his room while he falls asleep or a natures sound box. You might even try a heartbeat bear that methodically beats out a heartbeat to soothe babies to sleep. Hope this helps