• My baby is 9 months old and she is still really attached to me. Now that she can crawl its worse because now if I leave the room she cries and follows me everywhere, (even to the bathroom). I can't sit on the couch without her crawling into my lap. My husband tries to help by carrying her so I could do what I gotta do but she still cries for me. I don't know what to do anymore. I've tried different things. I have even tried the whole letting her cry it out. It doesn't work at least not for my daughter. I can't even spend time with my husband because she following me crying on the floor. Sometimes I would put her in her bouncer and I still can't talk to him cause she screams and cries so loud that we can't even hear each other. What should I do? PLEASE HELP!!! 

  • AWWWWW poor you, my advice is to when you start to leave to her that you will be back, and everything is going be okay. and say "mommy is leaving for a little while, and that you will be right back.

  • Sounds like you have your hands full!!! Hopefully this is a short phase that she will quickly outgrow. My little boy follows me around constantly, but he doesn't cry. Try offering her some alternative things to do when you are walking around the house. Give her a few fun toys in the living room while you fold laundry, make a little "busy box" in the kitchen full of fun kitchen gadgets that she can play with while you cook dinner. If she still insists that you hold her, you might be able to invest in a hip sling for her to sit in while you walk around. Hope these help!

  • Wow. This is a toughie. I agree that when you leave her, you need to provide a diversion, such as a new toy or a cartoon. Make noise and talk to her from another room so that she knows that you are still around. She may be too heavy to hold in a sling at 9 months old, but you can try that too. Try doing all your chores with her in the room, but with her in a bouncer, playpen, or highchair. Separation anxiety starts around this age and may last until age 2 or 3. Talk with your pediatrician and see if he can offer any ideas. Fill us in!

  • your luky i lost my baby when i was 5 months pregnant

  • For Kadine1:

    I am so sorry for your loss. Do you have a good support system? Never underestimate your need for family and friends as you deal with this difficult situation. If anyone here on Strong Moms can be of any help, please let us know.

  • So sad, but Kadine puts it into perspective. We all have those moments when we are overwhelmed but think of the positives and try to remain as patient as possible. Distractions are your best bet, but it will get better in time.