• i have a 4 month old son and he seems to be active like a 6 month old...

    he has been getting sick latly and i have taken him to the doctor and got medicine but he is having a hard time with getting the stuff he is coughing up and out of his lungs will he be ok and could that cause him to choke while he is sleeping and should i let him sleep on his stomach?

  • As long as he is keeping the medicine down and seems to be improving I would just keep a close eye on him, my daughter gets deep coughs a lot and they often pass without anything but some tlc and time. If he gets worse or doesn't show signs of improvement you should go back to the doctor absolutely.

    Stomach sleeping is not recommended for children who cannot yet roll themselves over as it can increase the risk of SIDS, however with my daughter she simply wouldnt sleep on her back so we settled for getting her to sleep on her side instead and that seemed to be okay with her.


  • Keep him on his back to sleep, but you can elevate him so he can breathe a bit better. You can do this by letting him sleep in a bouncy seat (if he can do so safely), swing, or carrier. You can also put something under his crib so one end is higher.

    It is also considered safe to use saline nasal drops (one drop in each side) and bulb suction on his nose four times a day or so. This helps keep nasal congestion under control safely. Check with your doctor about the suction because I know just a couple of doctors who don't like to use suction at all. 

    A couple of other things are make sure no one smokes around him and use a humidifier in his room when he is sleeping.

    If he has a fever (anything >100.4Rectally), is not feeding well, or is coughing so much he can't sleep then go ahead and call the doctor. Otherwise, a little homecare will most likely pull him on through. If you have ANY concerns at all call your pediatrician. That is what they are there for.

  • Great advice from StrongDad and BabyNurse. The humidifier has been wonderful for my baby whenever she has a chest or head cold. I've also found elevating the mattress like BabyNurse said to be very effective in keeping her clear enough to get enough relief to sleep.